Welcome to Brian and Lorraine's Pond
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Welcome to Brian and Lorraine's Pond
Part Three

Spring arrived and our pond started to come back to life once again. With the waterfall cemented together and flowing abundantly the fish were waking from their winter sleep to start a new year of providing entertainment for us and our friends.

Having finished the hill with the waterfall late last year planting was the first project on our list. Somehow mud and rocks didn't look very good so off to the greenhouse we went.

Lorraine and I spent most of the spring planting our goodies trying to find just the right spot for every plant. Planting one here or their then digging them up and putting them somewhere else. In the end it looked great, now to just let them grow and spread to cover the mud and rocks.

After all the time that we spent on the old pond it was time to kick back and enjoy the fruits of our labor, and so with that said I hope you enjoyed the story and photos and we'll get back to you as things change.

Looking for some water plants.
Dube Botanical Gardens

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