Truro Civic Building
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Truro Civic Building

Photo Courtesy of Colchester Regional Development Agency

Erected in 1912 with the cornerstone laid by the Duke of Connaught, the Governor General of Canada, this building has a long history of different occupants. At one time, the building housed the Truro Police Department on the first floor. The building was also home to the princess Moving Picture Theatre, the Public Library, and during World War II, the I.O.D.E. ran a servicemen's canteen. Originally, the basement held lock-up cells for overnight prisoners. As time passed, the basement was filled with vaults which held Town records. Today, the building is the seat of municipal government and contains various town offices.

The Civic Building, or Town Hall, was built with brick masonry, with freestone trim in the Romanesque Revival style at a cost of $55.000. The interior of this building has recently been totally renovated to more modern standards to allow greater efficiency in today's workplace.

Text Courtesy of Truro Development Corporation Ltd.

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